Music Goes Beyond Borders

Music making is a world apart, but its universal ability to make us feel, transcends borders and allows us to experience the same world at the same time, regardless of where you are listening.

I'm a London based composer. My repertoire is a patchwork of personal music projects and collaborations. It derives from meetings across influences and countries, and is focused on people, their relationship, and nature.

I'm a pianist and love manipulating all kinds of musical instruments or anything that can produce a note.

I'm thrilled to welcome you to this page. I hope you will spend your time here. Please listen, enjoy, and spread the word beyond borders, because music is intended to be shared.

Industry Professionals Only


Fabien is a great talent ... he is capable of making his works unique, outstanding and furthermore, touching people's heart.

Yixi Sun, director


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The emergent creativity that results from the collaboration between a director and a composer is intense. The result is music with a unique touch. This series of albums highlights that exchange. I’d like to share them with you...

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Coming soon...

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Anna Rosenberg

Feature Film directed by Michael Moscatelli

For this movie the soundtrack is electronic. It's made with a setup of full analogue modular synthesisers and combined with an upright piano for melodic themes.

Vivacité d'esprit, réactivité, inventivité... le tout dans la bonne humeur. Voilà condensée quelques unes des qualités de Fabien qui donnent toujours envie de travailler avec lui.

Remy Batteault, Realisateur


Samples of Works...



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